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2MC Silent Key Operators

Chris Brown - N6CMB

Chris was a man of many hats. Whether it be work or play Chris was always involved in something new and exciting .He was an active member of the Harley owners group “HOGS” and enjoyed riding motorcycles as much as he could with his busy work schedule. Chris became a ham radio operator in May of 2020. He had a long history of interest in tube amplifiers and other electronic equipment. He quickly developed friendships and took time to welcome anyone who crossed his path. Chris was an active coordinator and Anti-Net controller for the 2 Meter Crew, and an active member of the Vaca Valley Radio Club. Sadly Chris Passed away on April, 14th 2021. Chris you will always be remembered for your selfless approach to helping others, your unique ability to draw in a conversation, and your passion to learn, grow and teach. You will be truly missed.

A Quote from Chris on 2/24/2021

“I'm a Motorcycle guy if ya guys can't tell...and what is that old saying? you meet the nicest guys on a honda? Man, You meet the nicest people in ham radio is really what it's all about,it just blows my mind all the time, and they just keep comin!”

-Chris N6CMB

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