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Bi-Weekly Anti-Net

Every other friday @8pm PST (3am UTC).

This is NOT a traditional net, it is the ANTI-NET! There are no formal check ins, no roll call, and no need to phonetically state your call sign. The only thing we encourage is participation! Everyone is always welcome and we enjoy the varied conversation week to week via livestream on YouTube courtesy of the NW Hamshack. We have a great mix of individuals at all levels and want our new HAMs to know this is a friendly space. Never be afraid to hit the PTT button on the Anti-net.

How To Connect

When the "formal" on air Anti-net is over, we typically invite all to join us on a zoom call to continue ragchewing and sharing. Links to Zoom and our Discord Server will be shared each live stream in the YouTube chat and the 2MC Discord Server.

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